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Our Services

Taking care of daily maintenance and upkeep tasks for a home is not just a good daily routine - it creates a sense of ownership, belonging and purpose.  It also creates a sense of "normalcy" - the person in recovery is doing the normal tasks that any healthy person would do, instead of being taken care of.

Help with day-to-day living tasks - budgeting, shopping, home chores, etc - is essential for a person in recovery. The goal is to eventually bring the person to a state of independence (to the extent that they are able), but they will need to re-learn many of the skills for independent living first. 

Services include provision of all meals according to a menu approved by a qualified dietician and with the help of a nutritionist; laundry services; supervision of group outings, etc.​

At Bendiga House, keeping the above in mind, we offer:

  • Group Therapy 
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Art sessions
  • Counselling
  • Social Interventions and exposure to community resources
  • Life Skills Training
  • Exercise Programmes
  • Individualised Health and Weight Management.
  • Supervised leisure/entertainment such as beach walks, visiting places of interest, volunteer work for instance at bird sanctuaries such as SANCCOB, parks, etc.

Additionally, we believe that a healthy diet which is nutritionally balanced and attuned to the personal wellbeing of each resident is important. For that reason we have included the services of a nutritionist who is assisting residents with a healthy eating plan to ensure gut health in an effort to limit the side-effects of medication.

The importance of regular exercise and exposure to the outdoors is stressed through scheduled exercise programs and beach walks. In addition, we have exercise equipment (Orbitrek and rowing machines) on the premises for the use of residents.

A very important aspect of our service is medicine compliance. We assist our residents to comply with their treatment and to increase their independence in managing the treatment of their illness.

Our Manager or her Assistant is acting in loco parentus, as the custodian of the resident, and needs to ensure the resident takes the medication as prescribed in her presence.